What the Filter: The Brio Stage-4 Post Carbon Filter

What the Filter: The Brio Stage-4 Post Carbon Filter

By Sheila Anthony

After 3 stages of filtration—sediment, pre carbon, and reverse osmosis—you might be wondering what’s left to remove from your water, since so many unpleasant tastes, odors, and impurities have already been filtered out. The function of the Brio Stage-4 Post Carbon Filter is to give your water its final polish by removing any particulates or pollutants that may have escaped the previous three stages.

Think of stage 4 as the water-perfecting phase.

How is post-carbon different from pre-carbon filtration?

Like the Stage 2 Pre-Carbon Filter, the Stage 4 Post-Carbon Filter features activated carbon derived from coconut shells. Coconut shells have the double benefit of being high in carbon, spectacularly porous, and a highly renewable resource (unlike coal). However, the carbon in the post-carbon filter is more finely ground than the granulated carbon in the pre-carbon filter. It has an almost powder-like consistency.

These powdered granules are then treated with a binding agent that holds their position, making them stable in relation to each other. They remain fixed in place as water moves across and through the densely packed medium. And each granule is loaded with nooks and crannies in which microscopic contaminants are swiftly trapped.

What can the Brio Stage-4 Post Carbon Filter remove?

Like the pre-carbon filter, the post carbon filter tackles any residual sediment, colors, and chlorine, but it can also capture lingering PFAS that weren’t blocked by the reverse osmosis membrane. These ubiquitous contaminants have been shown to cause serious health issues, so the post-carbon filter is great backup for removing the final stragglers. Additionally, the Brio Post Carbon filter intercepts contaminants like fluoride, insecticides, and herbicides.

Post carbon, in other words, goes beyond impurities that affect taste and smell. It tackles the harmful stuff too.

When you dispense water purified by Brio Stage 4 filtration, you can be confident you’ll be experiencing safe, clean, and absolutely delicious water.

The Brio Post Carbon Filter

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