Save $400 Per Year On Plastic Water Bottles With A Brio Water Filtration System

Save $400 Per Year On Plastic Water Bottles With A Brio Water Filtration System

There’s nothing like that warm, cozy feeling that comes with doing something good for yourself as well as the environment. After all, who doesn’t want to save their bank balance and the planet at the same time?

We’ve done the research on one of the “essentials” the average U.S. household regularly buys, despite its huge hit on our wallet and its cost to the earth. 

By deciding to give up this one thing, you could save yourself a massive $400 a year while also making a genuine environmental impact. 

Any ideas?

Quitting single use plastic water bottles.

Give the planet – and your bank account – a break. Invest in a Brio water filtration system and save $400 a year. You’re welcome!


Brio water filtration system: it’s a more cost-effective option


We know, we know – everyone is talking about reducing single-use plastic. And we will get to how important this is. 

But let’s start with you. 

We all know we should be drinking around two liters of water a day. If you were to buy each liter at about 50 cents, you’d be racking up that bottled water bill without even noticing. And that’s on top of the tap water you’re already paying for from your local water supply.


Sportsperson with a plastic water bottle in hand


You may believe you’re saving money with those bulk-buy water bottles. We get it. It seems like a cost-effective way to purchase drinking water. But, if you think about it, it’s costing you the equivalent of that new iPad you’ve had your eye on or that yoga course you can’t bring yourself to invest in.

You’re literally throwing away your money.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), filtering water at home is the best and most cost-effective solution. Installing a water filtration system for home might seem like a big one-off cost, but the long-term investment will pay dividends. Here are four reasons why:

  1. An endless supply of purified water is always available, because a Brio water filtration system for home works with your own water system and typically comes with a dedicated faucet.
  2. No more spending your hard-earned cash on bulk-buy water bottles.
  3. There’s no worrying about water bottles running low.  
  4. Without bulky gallon jugs, our sleek and modern bottleless water coolers also provide the ultimate stylish, space-saving solution without sacrificing the quality of purified water. 


It’s the ultimate sustainable option


plastic water bottle floating in the sea


Most of us recognise that soda and other soft drinks are just sugar and water (sometimes with bubbles) and that they’re not healthy, although they taste healthy. But when it comes to shaking the bottled water habit, we struggle. Bottled water is better than tap, it tastes good and we can recycle the bottles, right?

Unfortunately not. Bottled water is an expensive way to stay hydrated and it hurts the environment even more. It’s estimated that each year in the U.S., we consume 30 billion single-use plastic water bottles and contribute to sending at least 14 million tons of plastic into our oceans. Plastic takes around 450 years to decompose and wildlife often mistake microplastics for food.


pile of waste on a beach including plastic water bottles


For those who prefer the taste of filtered water over tap – and need to appease their eco-consciousness – investing in a water filtration system for home is the change you need to make.


Sustainability starts at home

The good news is, it’s not too difficult to make that impact. Your actions may seem minuscule in relation to the damage reported, but what you do matters. Sustainable living is the solution and it starts with you.

How you choose to hydrate is a major daily decision that plays a vital role in your personal health, the nourishment of your family, and beyond. Brio provides cleaner, healthier water to complement your lifestyle, help eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce reliance on single-use plastic bottles. 

If everyone made a few small changes to their lifestyle, we could change our environment for the better. At Brio, we’re committed to offering our customers technology and products that promote sustainable living.

Here are a few, simple ways a water filtration system for home can help you make a real difference:


Reduce water waste and emissions

It takes about three times the volume of water to manufacture one plastic bottle of water than it does to fill it. Plus, a huge amount of oil is used in bottled water’s production and transportation. 

With a Brio water filtration system, you’ll be cutting out this wasteful part of the plastic bottle production process.


Reduce plastic waste

Even if they’re made from recyclable plastic, plastic bottles don’t biodegrade. Over a very long time, they break down into smaller fragments that contaminate soil, pollute waterways and negatively impact on the animals that digest those plastics, some of which we then go on to eat. 

Instead of relying on plastic water bottles for clean water, bring clean water into your home with a water filtration system. You’ll never need another plastic water bottle or suffer without drinking water.


Reuse forever bottles

A Brio water filter system makes it incredibly easy to switch to reusable sports bottles and glasses. In fact, all you need is a glass when you’re at home or in the office, and a water bottle when you’re out and about. 


Invest in a water filtration system for home and office

Brio G20-U RO Undersink Filtration System



With Brio, drinking filtered water in the home has never been easier, more cost-effective or better for the planet. And without having to compromise on style, Brio merges a contemporary aesthetic with superb functionality to ensure your kitchen can remain the beautiful yet efficient space you want it to be.

Brio Water Dispensers offer the ultimate solution to your unique hydration journey. Whether you choose to refill using a bottleless water dispenser or a top/bottom load water dispenser, Brio ensures that there is a water cooler that best suits your lifestyle – and the planet. 

With Brio, you can consider your wallet heavier and your conscience lighter.

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