How to Choose the Right Water Cooler Dispenser for Your Lifestyle

How to Choose the Right Water Cooler Dispenser for Your Lifestyle

Not sure where to start when looking for a water cooler dispenser or filtration system? It can be a daunting task to find the right unit that best satisfies your lifestyle. There are endless methods and systems that can dispense water, but how to filter through the overwhelming market of water dispensers can be intimidating. Space, price point, bottleless water dispenser, top or bottom loading coolers are all factors that should be taken into account and how each of these can be best tailored to suit your needs.

Fortunately, we have narrowed down the most important features to keep in mind when searching for the perfect water cooler dispenser.

Available Space

Brio Water Cooler in Kitchen

When searching for a reliable way to access purified water it is important to consider the location and size you would like to place the water dispenser. More and more people are finding themselves in quaint and cozy kitchens, so a space-saving bottleless water dispenser is ideal. Brio Tri-Temp Countertop Point of Use Cooler satisfies and exceeds all water and hydration needs. Water is powerfully filtered through a 2-stage system that removes common contaminants found in tap water. The sediment and carbon filter powerfully filters water and removes most rust, chlorine and various other chemicals, providing clean drinking water at all times. The compact cooler features stainless-steel hot and cold reservoirs that not only maintains the ideal temperature at all times but also protects water cleanliness. Heating and cooling water is a thing of the past with a Brio Water Dispenser, as hot and cold water is always made available in a space saving water cooler. The Tri-Temp Countertop Point of Use Cooler offers powerful filtration while remaining entirely compact.

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Heating and Cooling

Water temperature depends entirely on personal preference and how often you find yourself reaching for comforting hot water or spine tingling cold water. Most Brio Water Coolers offer a set temperature that perfectly refreshes or brews in every cup, but the Brio Moderna offers an entirely customizable hydration experience that allows you complete control over the water temperature. Tailor the temperature of water through the touch sensitive panel to best suit your needs. The bottom-loading cooler features only stainless-steel and a self-cleaning ozone, so filtered water remains clean till the last drop. The cooler is not just designed for style but for convenience, the bottom-loading feature allows for easy installation of gallon bottles. Reduce strain on your back from lifting heavy gallons and simply insert the gallon bottle in the compartment below where the pump quickly delivers water to the stainless-steel reservoirs. Brio Moderna has been designed to go above and beyond all hydration needs.

Recommended: Brio Moderna

Point of Use/Bottleless vs. Top/Bottom Loading

The biggest challenge when choosing a sustainable water source at home is deciding whether a point of use/bottleless or gallon jugs are ideal. Both options feature easy access to hot and cold water but the method of where the water is sourced differs entirely.

Point of Use/Bottleless

Simplicity at its finest, Point of Use (POU) Coolers utilize various filtration methods but need a reliable and consistent source of water. Brio Tri-Temp Reverse Osmosis Dispenser is ideal to transform tap water to a refreshing and satisfying hydrating experience. The dispenser filters through multiple stages of filtration and features a Reverse Osmosis Membrane, which is a fine semipermeable membrane that removes major contaminants. The filters do require to be replaced after so many months, depending entirely on how frequently you refill on filtered water, so Brio conveniently created filter replacement kits. The replacement kits are entirely user-friendly and feature quick installation, so maintenance is a breeze. The RO System does requires a drain line to dispose of the wastewater, so a sewer line or a method to dispense the wastewater is needed. When the clean water has been separated from the wastewater, it travels into the stainless-steel reservoirs where the water tanks cool and heat water to the perfect temperature.

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Top Loading and/or Bottom Loading

Heating and chilling of water has never been easier with Brio’s Top Loading and Bottom Loading Water Dispensers. Whether you choose to have a bottled water delivery service or refill water jugs on your own, Brio Water Dispensers accommodate either 3- or 5- gallon bottles. The gallon bottles are installed either in a cabinet below or is placed on top of the unit. Either a pump or a non-spill piercing needle begins the flow of water to the stainless-steel reservoirs, making hot and cold water accessible at all times. Created with convenience in mind, the top and bottom dispensers feature a removable drip tray that allows for simple maintenance of water dispensers.

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Recommended Top-Loading Cooler: Brio Essential Black and Stainless Steel Cooler

Price Point

It is wise to be considerate of not just having a sustainable water source but to be considerate of a budget. Although instant savings are already obvious when transitioning from single-use water bottles to a consistent water source at home, a budget friendly water dispenser should still be considered. Brio Countertop Top Loading Water Cooler offers a budget friendly water dispenser while also exceeding all hydration needs. The compact and durable water dispenser carries either a 3- or 5-gallon water jug where a piercing needle begins the flow of water into the stainless steel reservoir tanks. The tanks protect water from major contaminants and maintains the perfect hot and cold temperature. Hot water, cold water and room temperature water is dispensed from the three faucets, where the hot water faucet features a child-safety lock to protect little hands from accidentally pouring.

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Don’t be overwhelmed with the endless options in the water dispensing market; simply consider these features when analyzing how to best suit your unique lifestyle. Brio Water fulfills any unique hydration journey with a diverse and wide array of water dispensers. With a variety of water coolers to choose from, from either a simple 2-stage filtration system to technologically advanced bottom loading unit, Brio has you covered.

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