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Filtered Water At Home: The Benefits Of Tri-Temperature Water Dispensers

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love drinking ice-cold H2O and those who adore their drinks steaming hot, right?! What about those who prefer the subtle feel of room temperature water?


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If you’re an avid cold water drinker or hot coffee aficionado and have written off the need for room temperature water, think again. A tri-temperature water dispenser will make you realize how essential it is to have all three: hot, cold AND filtered room temperature water.

Here’s why a Brio water dispenser with a tri-temperature feature - providing clean, safe and healthy filtered water just the way you like it - is the perfect addition to your home.



On-demand access to filtered water at different temperatures is extremely convenient. It eliminates the need for separate appliances or waiting for water to cool or heat up. Plus, you can make a wide range of beverages, from hot tea and coffee to cold refreshing drinks, without the hassle of heating or cooling water separately. 



Water is a valuable resource in the kitchen and at home, and understanding how to use it at different temperatures can enhance your culinary and everyday experiences. 


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For example, tri-temperature water dispensers are convenient for cooking, as you can quickly access the hot water you need for various recipes without waiting for it to boil. 

Here are some recipes and uses for hot, cold, and room temperature water.


Hot water 

  • Tea and coffee: Hot water is essential for brewing tea and coffee. Use it to make your favorite cup.
  • Instant oatmeal: Pour hot water over instant oatmeal to prepare a quick and nutritious breakfast.
  • Soup and broth: Hot water is the base for many soups and broths. Use it to rehydrate dried soup mixes.
  • Couscous: Pour hot water over dried couscous for a quick, easy and delicious side.
  • Hot water bottles: Fill a hot water bottle with hot water to provide soothing warmth for aches and pains or to keep your bed warm on a cold night.
  • Facials : Steam from hot water is great for opening up pores on your face. Use it in your skincare routine to cleanse and prepare your skin for treatments.


Cold water

  • Iced drinks: Cold water is perfect for making cool drinks like iced tea, iced coffee, or lemonade.
  • Refreshing beverages: Use cold water to make refreshing infused water by adding slices of fruits, vegetables, or herbs for added flavor. Read How To Make Your Water Taste Better for more ideas!
  • Hydration: Cold water is the ideal temperature for staying hydrated throughout the warmer months. Carry a reusable water bottle filled with cold water with you.
  • Chilling food: Use cold water to chill food items like salads, fruits, or drinks quickly.
  • Cold compress: Soak a cloth in cold water and use it as a cold compress to relieve swelling or reduce body temperature.
  • Rinsing fresh produce: Rinse fruits and vegetables with cold water before consumption to remove dirt and bacteria. 


Room temperature water

  • Drinking: Room temperature water is often easier to consume in large quantities than very cold water. It can be particularly helpful for digestion.
  • Baking: Room temperature water is commonly used in baking recipes to ensure ingredients like flour and yeast mix evenly.
  • Watering plants: Plants typically prefer room temperature water rather than very cold or very hot water. 
  • Hydrating pets: If filtered water is better for you, it must be better for your pets, too, right? And they’ll definitely prefer a room temperature drink.
  • Making homemade cleaning solutions: Room temperature water is suitable for creating DIY cleaning solutions, as it’s more comfortable to work with than hot water.


Exceptionally clean, purified water

steam coming out of a freshly brewed coffee made in a Chemex pour over


Whatever beverage you’re in the mood for: tea, coffee, or just cold water, it will
taste delicious and can be enjoyed at the temperature you desire.


Proper hydration is an important complement to a healthy lifestyle and a Brio water cooler empowers everyone at home to make healthier hydration choices. It’s easy for all members of the family to grab a glass, cup or water bottle and fill up. 


Reduced energy consumption

Using a Brio water cooler with tri-temperature dispensing is often more energy efficient than heating water in a kettle or cooling water in a refrigerator, leading to potential cost savings.


Reduced single-use plastic use

Reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles by having a Brio water dispenser can contribute to a reduction in plastic waste and a lower carbon footprint.

Bottled water is an expensive way to stay hydrated, but it hurts the environment even more. Filtered water at home means you can kick that single-use plastics habit to the curb for good. A countertop hot and cold water dispenser makes it incredibly easy to switch to reusable sports bottles and glasses.


Customizable options

Brio Moderna countertop bottleless water cooler


Our countertop hot and cold water dispensers offer additional features such as child safety locks, adjustable temperature settings, and touchless technology. 

The Brio Moderna 3-Stage Bottleless Countertop Water Cooler has a customizable temperature feature, so you get to preset the temperature of your hot and cold water when you install your new cooler.

We’ve implemented single-sensor technology so you can control the dispensing of your water hands free. Simply wave a hand over the sensor and you’ll enable continuous pouring of cold temperature water – no contact necessary! An LED night light and a safety lock on the hot water button to protect against accidental spills is also included. 

The Brio Moderna Touchless Cooler will not only keep your family safe from surface germs, but it will also filter your water to the highest degree, all while adding an elegant presence to your home. Get it in a modern stainless steel or sleek black design.

Brio countertop water dispensers offer convenience and versatility at home. They cater to diverse preferences for drinking and cooking, encourage better hydration, and are environmentally friendly, making a valuable contribution to your family’s well-being.
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