400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler 400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler 400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler Brio 400 Series Bottom Load Water Cooler 400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler
400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler 400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler 400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler Brio 400 Series Bottom Load Water Cooler 400 Series Tri-Temp Bottom Load Water Cooler - water cooler

Brio 400 Series Bottom Load Water Cooler

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  • This bottom-load water cooler features the same industry-leading technology and internal hardware of high-end coolers in the market but at a significant cost savings.
  • This cooler provides users with instant access to hot, cold and room-temperature water for cooking and drinking purposes.
  • The cooler’s hot water spout is equipped with a child safety lock, so the entire family can use it worry free.
  • Its 100% stainless steel cold and hot reservoirs that protect water purity and cooler longevity.
  • This cooler requires no heavy lifting to change water bottles. Simply open the cooler cabinet below and replace the bottle mess free.

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Easy Bottom Load

Never struggle to change bottles again! The easy bottom loading feature saves you from accidental spills, simply place it in the lower cabinet and connect it to the pump. The digital display will always notify you when it is time to refill, so never be left without water.

Enhanced Usability

Easy to use push button spouts with a built in child safety lock. This instant cooler also has a refill bottle alert to inform you when you need to replenish the water bottle in the reservoir. Oh, and of course you can choose between hot, cold, and room temperature water.

Unmatched Quality

The attractive, sleek finish is made from premium-grade 304 stainless steel. The durable exterior is complemented by high-quality internal components that stand the test of time.


Tri-Temp Water Cooler

This unit can dispense 3 water temperatures from 3 different water spouts. Hot, room temperature, and ice cold water is ready at your fingertips. The hot water is steaming hot, perfect for coffee, tea and soup. The cold water is crisp and cold, eliminating any need for ice. A child safety lock accommodates the hot water faucet.

Child Safety Lock

This Brio water cooler is equipped with a child proof lock on the hot water faucet. Hot water comes out by pressing down on the lever with the safety lock pressed in. This 2-step handle operation prevents children from dispensing hot water. It is recommended that all hot water taps have a child lock handle to help prevent scalding accidents. The hot water can also be shut off while not in use.

Removable Drip Tray

If you have owned a water dispenser before, you know how easy it is for the last drop of water to fall out of the tap after you’ve removed your glass. This Brio water cooler comes equipped with an anti-rust BPA-Free drip tray, which allows you to keep your drip tray sanitary. The removable drip tray means an easy and quick clean up!

The Best Trio In Filtration

Bottom-Loading Water Cooler

Reinventing the classic top-loading water dispenser to an installation friendly bottom-loading water dispenser. The bottom loading water cooler dispenser offers various features that have been redesigned to best suit you and your lifestyle! Featuring an easy to load water bottle with a durable water pump that quickly and powerfully fills the stainless steel water reservoirs for hot water and cold water on demand. Don't struggle with a heavy water bottle, install the water jug in the cabinet below and connect the water pump for an endless flow of hot water and cold water. With countless features that make maintenance a breeze, Brio Bottom-Loading Water Coolers offer simple methods to maintain a clean and efficient water dispenser. The innovative smart technology signals when the water reservoirs need to be refilled and displays an empty bottle indicator on the display panel for simple and straight forward maintenance, so premium hydration is never out of reach! The premium stainless steel reservoirs maintain cleanliness and the perfect temperature for hot and cold water for hours on end. The bottom-loading water dispenser offers all that you need and more! Designed entirely around efficiency to provide you with simple and premium hydration.

A Brio Bottled Water Cooler goes. Safely store filtered water for your bottled water cooler in a trusty FDA approved water bottle. The sturdy bottles are made with durability and sanitation in mind. Keep drinking water pure and clean with a plastic bottle that is securely sealed, keeping outside contaminants far from your water supply. Protect waters purity from microscopic impurities and dispense pure and filtered water from your Brio Bottled Water Cooler and confidently hydrate knowing that your Brio Water Dispenser and Brio Water Bottle are safely storing your favorite filtered water. Choose from a variety of bottles that best suit your bottled water cooler or your filtered water needs. Store your mineral water, spring water, distilled water and other filtered drinking water in a reliable Brio bottle. Brio bottles come in either 3- or 5-gallon bottles that have either a crown top or screw-cap top, making it the perfect water solution in any household or office. Hydrate with better water that comes from your favorite water filtration location and ensure safe storage with the mighty Brio duo, the powerful water dispenser and durable water bottle. Quality drinking water comes from only the finest water dispenser and bottles; Brio guarantees nothing less than premium quality.