Why Choose a Bottleless Water Dispenser

Why Choose a Bottleless Water Dispenser

Having a reliable source of clean water is key to staying hydrated. There are endless options for fresh water, but bottleless coolers have the most benefits. Check them out below!

It Has an Endless Supply of Filtered Water

A Brio Bottleless Water Dispenser provides an endless supply of fresh and filtered water through water filtration at home, so premium hydration is always conveniently within reach.The bottleless water dispenser is designed for quick and simple maintenance and installation, making quality hydration easily accessible at any time. The filter set powerfully removes contaminants and offers the cleanest possible water in every pour. The convenience of having an entire set eliminates the headache of trying to figure out which filters are needed for your specific water dispenser. The filtration systems offer pure and refreshing water for months on end with its average lifespan of six months. With minimal maintenance, the bottleless dispenser provides you with more time to yourself and endless pure water. Although many are intimidated by having to install the bottleless water cooler, the process is incredibly simple to perform with the user’s manual or with the convenient How to Install a Brio Bottleless Cooler guide.

It's a More Cost-Effective Option

Stylishly rehydrate on a budget with the Brio Bottleless Cooler. The water dispenser offers refreshing and pure water on demand, so there is no need to constantly purchase bottled water. Without the bulky gallon jugs, the sleek and modern water cooler provides the ultimate stylish, space-saving solution without sacrificing the quality of purified water. Enjoy endless purified water without the hassle of having to frequently pay for new gallon jugs or pay every time it needs to be refilled. Always have the same kind of high-quality water at home that is a fraction of the cost all while also remaining entirely stylish.

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You'll Have One Less Chore

In comparison to bottles water coolers, bottleless are more convenient and require less maintanence. The bottled water cooler also offers a safe method to protect and store filtered water, as the stainless steel reservoirs are entirely sanitary and maintain the ideal hot and cold temperature. However, the need to frequently lug a water gallon around to be refilled presents an added chore. Having to lift and install a heavy gallon jug can be physically taxing.

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It's a More Environmentally-Friendly Option

Beside from the obvious convenience of a bottleless water dispenser, it's also a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. Without the use of single use plastic and gallon jugs, the reduction of plastic due to accessible filtered water positively impacts the ecosystem by reducing your carbon footprint.

Brio Water Dispensers offer the ultimate solution to your unique hydration journey, whether you choose to refill using a bottleless water dispenser or a top/bottom load water dispenser, Brio ensures that there is a water cooler that best suits your lifestyle. Make hydration simple, choose Brio.

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