What is a Bottleless Water Cooler?

What is a Bottleless Water Cooler?

P.O.U., point of use, inline, jugless, plumbed in—there are countless names for bottleless water coolers. Regardless of the name, the endless perks remain the same.

A bottleless water dispenser combines the cooling system of traditional water cooler with water filtration technology to offer clean, filtered water on demand. It provides water purification conveniently in your home or office, eliminating the need to refill and haul heavy bottles.

How a Bottleless Water Cooler Works

The bottleless water cooler relies on a connection to tap water for a consistent source of water. Brio offers a wide array of bottleless water cooler filtration systems, including two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage filter sets, to remove common contaminants found in tap water. These include organic compounds, chemicals, pathogens, and microorganisms.

Recommended Product: Brio 600 Series Self-Cleaning Countertop Water Cooler



Save on both time and money when you choose a sustainable water dispenser. You'll eliminate the need to frequently purchase plastic bottles, the chore to refill your jug, and the expense of bottled water delivery.

Reliable Filtered Water

Brio's filtration systems powerfully filter water and remove major contaminants, producing clean water in every pour. This reliability offers consistent access to fresh drinking water at any time.

Go Green

You will greatly reduce your carbon footprint when you choose a bottleless cooler and eliminate your reliance on single-use plastic water bottles.

Recommended Product: Brio Moderna 3-Stage Bottleless Water Cooler

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