Benefits of a Bottleless Cooler   

Benefits of a Bottleless Cooler   

By: Baylee Maust

When you think of a traditional water cooler, a standard top-loading bottle water cooler may first come to mind. But did you know there is such thing as a bottleless water cooler? Wrapped in elegant and technologically advanced designs, these luxurious coolers elevate the convenience of your hydration experience.

The obvious magic of a bottleless cooler is the ability of the water dispenser to operate completely bottle-free! A bottle water dispenser requires awkward lifting of a bulky water jug (and a 5-gallon water bottle isn’t exactly the lightest object in the world to handle), which can put a lot of painful strain on your arms and back.

Additionally, bottle water cooler companies mass-produce plastic bottles, which just results in more harmful plastics and unhealthy factory emissions in our environment. And once you've invested in your basic bottle cooler, the costs don't stop there; you'll have to refill your plastic bottle constantly or enroll in a bottled-water delivery service, which is costly. And let’s face it, both can become tedious and irritating chores.

All of Brio’s bottleless water dispensers connect to the cold-water line in your home, meaning you'll never have to refill heavy plastic water bottles or pay for expensive bottled-water delivery again. In fact, because our bottleless coolers use the water from your home, you'll always have access to limitless water, day or night.

This 3-Stage Moderna Cooler comes equipped with a night light for easy, no-spill water dispensing in the middle of the night. It also comes with a child safety lock on the hot water button, so you can feel confident that everyone stays safe while using the Moderna.

As important as it is to always have convenient access to water, we also believe that the water you replenish with should be completely clean. Most Brio bottleless water dispenser systems are equipped with advanced filtration systems that transform your regular tap water by removing contaminants, which results in water that has a fresh smell, excellent taste, and healthy appearance.

The 400 Series Brio Cooler contains a reverse osmosis filtration system that powerfully cleans your tap water supply in four unique stages. This reverse osmosis filter water cooler delivers the highest degree of filtration for incredibly fresh and safe drinking water. You can expect dirt, dust, rust, chlorine, and many other harmful contaminants to be completely removed from your tap water, bringing you great tasting water that surpasses that of bottled water.

Just when you think owning a bottleless cooler couldn't get any more convenient, how would you like a water system that cleans itself? That's right, some of our advanced dispensers contain built-in UV self-cleaning technology that automatically and regularly disinfects your unit; a sparkling clean cooler produces miraculously clean water.

The moisture from clunky bottle coolers can attract bacteria-infested grime, which is a total hassle to scrub off, but you don't even have to touch this 600 Series Countertop Cooler in order to get it spotless. Put our cooler sanitization technology to the test and rest easy knowing the drinking water in your home is always remarkably fresh.

We understand that your drinking water should be effortlessly easy to obtain. Clean water should always be readily available, which is why our bottleless cooler options simply connect to the water line in your home and dispense fresh, filtered water on demand.

A bottleless cooler is a drinking water system that will save you tremendously again and again on time, strain, and most importantly, money. Brio coolers do the heavy lifting when it comes to providing exceptional drinking water so that you never have to do any heavy lifting of your own with a bottle cooler again.

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