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Standup Point Of Use Cooler

Always have a consistent stream of refreshing drinking water with a standup point of use water dispenser. Water filtration at home allows for convenient access to filtered water without the need for bottled water. Simple water filtration that will satisfy anyone’s hydration needs with powerful filtration, ranging from simple 2-stage filter set to a reverse osmosis system. Upgrade traditional water coolers to a pou water cooler for endless access to a pure water supply.Entirely user-friendly, the bottleless water cooler connects to a water line and then transforms tap water to a refreshing hydrating experience. Eliminate the need to haul a heavy water jug and simply connect the pou cooler to a water supply at home or the office for a continuous supply of purified water. Enjoy clean drinking water and greatly reduce the need to rely on single use plastic bottles, the innovative water dispenser far exceeds any expectations and dispenses cold water and hot water on demand. The point of use water cooler collection allows for optimal hydration with filtration systems that filters water from common contaminants found in tap water.

Confidently refill your cup or bottle every time with water that is free from chlorine and other various contaminants. Enjoy effortless access to clean drinking water from the dispenser that pours hot water, cold water or room temperature water on demand! Trust the filtration system that transforms tap water into a spa-like experience, replenish and indulge in pure water every time with Brio’s line of point of use stand up water cooler. The ultimate water filtration system, the Brio Reverse Osmosis Filtration System offers a powerful solution for various types of problematic tap water. Enjoy thorough filtration using a tightly wound membrane to remove harmful contaminants, including bacteria and viruses, for reliable access to clean water every time. Choose a reverse osmosis system for your home or office for powerful filtration that easily connects to your water supply. The reverse osmosis filter system offers a simple method to having accessible pure water at home! Water is filtered through initial stages of the filtration system before reaching the powerful reverse osmosis filter where various contaminants are removed and expelled from your pure drinking water. The ro membrane offers a trusty method to filter water that produces bottled.