Why Your Water Cooler Needs to Keep Its Cool

Why Your Water Cooler Needs to Keep Its Cool

If you read the typical Brio water cooler manual, you’ll undoubtedly come across this phrase: “Position the dispenser no closer than 8 inches (20 cm) from walls, permitting free air flow between walls and dispenser.” Unfortunately, there isn’t space in the user manual to explain the reason behind every suggestion. And many people don’t, of course, place their cooler that far away from surrounding walls. But why is it a wise idea to maintain good air flow around your cooler?

In a word: refrigeration.

Any cooler that provides cold water has refrigeration, making it just like... you guessed it, a refrigerator. And like a refrigerator, it’s equipped with a compressor and condenser, both of which produce heat (ironically) to make the cooling part happen.

If there isn’t sufficient ventilation (i.e., air flow), the heat from the unit cannot dissipate. And it is the ability of the heat to dissipate that keeps the coils and compressor from overheating. It’s very hard on the dispenser if it can’t cool itself, and there is the risk of component failure. Minimally, poor ventilation may result in your water not cooling quickly enough or sufficiently enough. Also, your cooler will have to work harder and longer. This, in turn, will lead to higher energy bills. And the louder-than-usual noise your cooler is suddenly making? Yep, poor air circulation can cause that too.

So, while you may be tempted to enclose your cooler in a fine wood cabinet or specially designated enclosure—it isn’t advised.

Brio coolers are a durable good, built and designed to offer years of flawless service. Give your cooler optimal breathing room, and it’ll do just that.

Check out our premium coolers and sleek undersink units. Each is meticulously engineered, ensuring pure, delicious water makes it to your glass or sports bottle every time you fill up.

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