Why Isn’t My Brio Cooler’s Cold Water Cold?

Why Isn’t My Brio Cooler’s Cold Water Cold?

Brio designs and engineers the best water coolers in the industry. Each model is put through exhaustive testing, then must pass multiple quality-control checkpoints. No model ships until all exacting standards have been met.

If your cooler is properly installed and maintained, it will serve you well and without issues for many years.

However, problems do occasionally arise. For instance, from time to time customers reach out about their cold water not being cold enough.

To help out, we’ve put together a checklist in case you encounter this issue.

Apologies if some things on the list seem obvious. (Plug in the cooler? Really??) But sometimes the obvious fix has turned out to be the answer.


Is your cooler plugged in?

Is it plugged in all the way?

 Is it plugged in to a working outlet?

  • If not, replace the outlet.

 Has the circuit breaker been tripped?

  • If so, replace the outlet or use a more appropriate outlet for your cooler. You also may want to contact a licensed electrician, as your home may have a dangerous wiring issue.

Is the green cooling switch on the back of the cooler in the ON position?

Has the green cooling switch been on long enough for the water to chill?

  • It takes approximately 1 hour for the water in the cooler to sufficiently chill after the switch is turned on.

Has a lot of cold water been dispensed in a short amount of time?

  • No cooler can dispense unlimited amounts of cold water 24/7. For instance, if the cooler’s cold water capacity is 4 liters per hour, and more than 4 liters an hour is dispensed, your cooler won’t be able to work efficiently to cool water quickly enough. SOLUTION: Stop dispensing water and give the cooler time to refill and chill before dispensing again.

Is the thermostat set too high?

  • If your cooler has a thermostat, lower the cold water temperature and wait an hour for water to chill. If your cooler is still not able to achieve the desired temperature, please be aware that the cold water temperature is measured inside the cold water reservoir tank. Due to many variables, including the temperature of the container into which you’re dispensing the water, the ambient temperature of the room, and water travel time from tank to your container, the temperature of water dispensed from your cooler will vary.

ALWAYS UNPLUG your cooler before performing any maintenance and/or checks that don’t require electricity:

Is there sufficient space between the cooler and the wall or walls? Is there a buildup of dust on the condenser coils?

  • The cooler has a condenser on the back and fan vents on the side. Each is vital to maintaining the internal temperature of the cooler. If either is blocked by a wall or has a buildup of dust, they can’t expel heat properly. This, in turn, causes heat to build up inside the cooler, which affects the temperature of the water. SOLUTION: Move the cooler farther from walls (a minimum of 8 inches) and/or carefully clean dust from condenser coils and fan vents.

Finally, resetting your cooler may be the answer to your cold water issue. Turn the cooling and heating switches to the OFF position and unplug the cooler. Let it sit for a minimum of 2 hours, then plug it back in and turn on the heating and cooling switches. Wait 1 hour for water to chill.

If your cold water problem persists, please don’t hesitate to reach out: cs@briowater.com

We want you to have the best possible cooler experience, and we’re here to help!

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