Why Is My Brio Water Cooler Not Dispensing Cold Water?

Why Is My Brio Water Cooler Not Dispensing Cold Water?

Brio water coolers offer hot water and cold water on demand with stainless steel reservoirs carrying and protecting the clean water, so you can replenish with chilled cold water or enjoy a comforting, hot beverage any time. 

Our water coolers are designed to maintain optimal temperatures, utilizing stainless steel's natural ability to maintain hot and cold temperatures for hours without the need for electricity. However, there are times where a water cooler may not efficiently cool or heat water.

If your water cooler is not dispensing cold water as expected, take a look at the common issues that would prevent your Brio cooler from working efficiently below.

Why Is My Brio Water Cooler Not Dispensing Cold Water?


#1 The cooler's ventilation might be blocked

When the ventilation at the back of the unit is blocked, excessive heat that collects near the unit will alter the temperature of the water. And when the water dispenser is exposed to excessive external heat, the cold water tank is unable to maintain a cool temperature. 

Always ensure that there is sufficient space surrounding the water dispenser to allow for proper ventilation and ensure the consistent water temperature.

Friendly Reminder!

If you leave your water cooler for a prolonged period of time, either because of a work trip or vacation (lucky you!), shut off or disconnect the water dispenser from your power source. It will conserve energy and prolong your water dispenser's lifespan.


#2 Is the cold water switch turned on?

The majority of Brio water dispensers provide an external switch that controls the power supply to the cooling and heating machinery within the water cooler. Ensure that the cold water switch is turned to the "On" position and allow enough time for water to cool.


#3 Is the temperature programmed properly?

With a select few water dispensers that allow for adjustable water temperatures, do make sure that your preferred temperature has been programmed into the cooler. 

Our user-friendly water dispenser manuals provide a step-by-step guide on how to adjust your hot or cold water temperature. Once your preferred temperature has been locked in, access to hot and cold water is at the touch of a button.


#4 Is your cooler connected to a working electrical source?

If the water cooler isn't plugged into a working electrical socket, it won't have the energy to change the temperature of the water.

Once you've connected the dispenser to a power source, check that the cooler is properly connected to a water source as well (i.e. a full water jug or your home's water source for bottleless coolers). DO NOT allow the water dispenser to run without a water source as this will cause dry heating and ultimately damage your unit.

Once it's properly connected, drinking water will then begin to cool and heat in the appropriate reservoir tanks.

Why Is My Brio Water Cooler Not Dispensing Cold Water?


#5 Dispensing a lot of water in a short amount of time?

No cooler can dispense unlimited amounts of cold water 24/7. For instance, if the cooler’s cold water capacity is 4 liters per hour, and more than 4 liters an hour is dispensed, your cooler won’t be able to work efficiently to cool water quickly enough. 

Simply refrain from dispensing water and give the cooler time to refill and chill before dispensing again. 


Maintaining your water cooler’s optimal temperature

A few simple adjustments to your Brio Water Dispenser can make a big difference in your cooler's ability to maintain optimal temperatures. Brio has ensured simple and powerful functioning water dispensers to consistently give you access to clean water that is free from major harmful contaminants, while also creating sustainable access to premium hydration. 

Also, please note that resetting your cooler may be the answer to your cold water issue. Simply the cooling and heating switches to the OFF position and unplug the cooler. Let your cooler sit for a minimum of 2 hours, then plug it back in and turn on the heating and cooling switches. Wait 1 hour for water to chill.  

Whether you choose to install a bottleless countertop cooler or stand-up cooler in your home or office, Brio designs each unit with you in mind, so installing and troubleshooting is simple!


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Hello Laurie, sorry to hear you are having issues with your unit. Please contact our customer support line at +1 844-257-4103 so we can help you out!

– Brio Coolers

I have owned my cooler CLBL420V2 and I have yet to get cold water. I ha e done the troubleshooting, followed all instructions and still do not get cold water. Machine is brand new.

– Melissa Quinones

Hi Melissa, thanks for your question. Try contacting our customer support line at +1 844-257-4103 so that we can further assist you.

– Brio Coolers

Why does my cooler dispense ice cold wster st 69 degrees?!!!!! After 3 days of owning this cooler it does not dispense cold water!!!!! Telll me why. Everything is set up as directed. !!!!!!! Unreal!

– LAurie RAfal

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