Three Easy Home Upgrades 

Three Easy Home Upgrades 

By: Baylee Maust

COVID-19 restrictions are finally starting to lift but, let’s face it, all that time sitting at home may have gotten you thinking about sprucing up your nest. The good news is home improvement projects don’t have to be time-consuming. You can finish these small home improvement activities in just a day, leaving your home with a fresh new feel.

In fact, after checking out these home improvement ideas, you won't want to leave home. (Kidding!)

Add a Planter Box

An easy home improvement project to do outdoors is to add some greenery. Plants (fake or alive) are a fun way to introduce a little bit of color and freshen up your outdoor space no matter how big or small an area you have to work with. You can also paint or spray-paint a few pots with friends and make a cute yard display of potted greenery.

A cute wood planter sits nicely on any surface or can be attached as a window box so you can have beautiful flowers to look at from inside your home. Adding fresh flowers or green plants that fit your style and color scheme is a great way to make your space feel homier.

Get a Countertop Cooler

A water cooler is a great addition to an organized and refreshing morning. You can save the time it would take you to boil water for your morning beverage or breakfast. A Brio countertop cooler is perfect for making hot chocolate, adding filtered water to your French press, or dispensing cold water for your morning commute.

If you’re someone that hates spending time in the kitchen and wants to save time on meal-prepping in the mornings, Brio has the solution for you. Eating and preparing breakfast at home will become a more organized and enjoyable experience by bringing this item home to your kitchen.

Paint an Accent Wall

This home renovation project is for anyone who wants to put their creative abilities to the test. Bringing a new pop of color to your home doesn't mean you have to drop a whole bunch of money on paint supplies and a painting team to transform your home. In fact, you can totally do this project yourself or with a friend! It's a great activity that is perfect for a boring weekend at home.

Rather than painting one solid color for your accent wall, try to make a fun pattern for your new backsplash. This funky geometric style can be accomplished by making triangle shapes with painter's tape, painting the blank spots with your desired colors, and then peeling off the tape after the drying stage to reveal perfectly straight lines!

If you are not the owner of your house or are currently renting, you can still achieve a stunning accent wall look by putting up some of your favorite cherished photographs or artwork. This decorating option will save you loads of time, and you won’t risk any painting mistakes! You can get second-hand frames from a thrift store and in just a few hours you’ll have your own personal gallery wall right in your home.

All these projects can be done whether you are a homeowner or not, so pick a lazy weekend at home and turn it into a productive one! Your new home projects will keep you busy, boost your home's curb appeal, and make you fall in love with your space again.

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