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Reduce Your Office Plastic Consumption: The Benefits Of A Top Load Water Cooler

Water coolers are where the magic happens at work. Those random run-ins and moments of casual interaction between colleagues are an opportunity for people to socialize, ultimately strengthening teamwork and collaboration. Plus, staying properly hydrated supports workers to be healthy, happy and productive.


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A top load water cooler will also make your workspace more sustainable. Single-use plastic bottles contribute significantly to global plastic consumption. With a recommended water intake of at least two liters per day per worker, that’s quite a bit of single-use plastics involved. 

If you need water that reduces your office plastic consumption and is safer and healthier than what comes out of the faucet, embrace a top loading water cooler as a more eco-friendly alternative. 

Here’s the Brio guide to the best top load water cooler dispenser for your workplace.


Why is a top load water cooler environmentally friendly?

Bottled water is about 3,000% more expensive per gallon than when it’s dispensed from the faucet. Single-use bottled water is an expensive way to stay hydrated, and it hurts the environment even more. We consume 30 billion plastic bottles of water in the U.S. Many billions end up in landfill, the sea or the environment. Here’s why a top load water cooler is a sustainable option for your office.

Reuse durable plastic bottles

The plastic bottles that are used with bottled water coolers can be cleaned and reused, helping to eliminate waste from single-use plastics. The durable plastic withstands rough wear and tear and frequent usage, and is 100% free of BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Reduce single-use bottles

A top loading water cooler means you can kick that single-use plastics habit to the curb for good. An in-office dispenser makes it incredibly easy for your workers to switch to reusable sports bottles and glasses. 


Seven more ways to reduce office plastic consumption

Investing in solid, environmentally friendly practices at work can make a real difference to your business and the planet. Here are some other ways to keep the green revolution going at the office. 

1. Provide reusable utensils and tableware

Replace disposable plastic utensils and tableware with reusable alternatives made from stainless steel, bamboo, or other eco-friendly materials.

2. Go paperless

Reduce paper and plastic waste by transitioning to a paperless office where documents and communication are digital. Use electronic signatures and document-sharing platforms.

3. Buy in bulk

Buy office supplies, snacks, and other consumables in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic packaging waste.

4. Use eco-friendly products

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products that come in recyclable or refillable containers.

5. Compost

Set up a composting system for organic waste in the office kitchen or break room to divert food scraps from landfill.

6. Reduce single-use plastics

Avoid single-use plastics such as straws, plastic cutlery, and plastic bags. Provide alternatives like biodegradable or reusable options.

7. Educate your staff

Raise awareness and educate employees about the importance of reducing plastic waste. Consider organizing workshops or events to promote eco-friendly practices.


What’s the best top load water cooler dispenser for my workspace?

Explore Brio's top-load water coolers to find the perfect solution for your office, and enjoy the convenience, sustainability and versatility they offer.


1. Brio dual cold/room temperature coolers

  • Feature both cold and room temperature water dispensers, offering versatility to cater to different preferences.
  • Ideal for offices where access to chilled or room temperature water is required.
  • Eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles, promoting sustainability.


Brio 500 Series (Room/Cold) Top Load Water Cooler

The Brio 500 Series (Room/Cold) Top Load Water Cooler provides room temperature water and cold water on demand. 

2. Brio dual hot/cold coolers

  • Provide instant hot and cold water for various beverages, from coffee to refreshing drinks.
  • Energy efficient, they save time and reduce waste.
Brio 500 Series (Hot/Cold) Top Load Water Cooler

The Brio 500 Series (Hot/Cold) Top Load Water Cooler provides hot water and cold water on demand.


3. Brio tri-temp water coolers

  • Provide hot, cold, and room temperature water options, ensuring you have the perfect temperature for any beverage or occasion.
  • Kettles waste energy when overused as they lose heat throughout the boiling process. Instant hot water dispensers are much more energy efficient, with as little energy as possible wasted. 
  • Great for home workspaces, offices, and shared spaces.


Brio 400 Series Top Load Water Cooler

Enjoy better water at the temperature you need with tri-temperature dispensing from the Brio 400 Series Top Load Water Cooler.


4. Brio countertop water coolers

  • In a compact design that fits on countertops or small spaces, making them perfect for home offices or small workspaces.
  • Offer the convenience of easy access to water without taking up valuable floor space.


Brio 500 Series Countertop Water Cooler

The Brio 500 Series Countertop Water Cooler measures only 20.5” x 12” x 15.5” to fit nearly any countertop space.


5. Brio floor-standing water coolers

  • Freestanding units designed for larger spaces, such as offices, waiting rooms, or shared communal areas.
  • Accommodates a variety of water bottle sizes for convenient use in high-traffic areas.
Brio 800 Series (Hot/Cold) Top Load Water Cooler

Featuring an attractive round design and sleek stainless steel construction, the Brio 800 Series (Hot/Cold) Top Load Water Cooler will uplift the look of any room. 


6. Brio slimline water coolers

  • Space-saving design, perfect for narrow spaces or when you want a water cooler that doesn't dominate your room.
  • Combines functionality with a sleek, compact profile.


Brio 300 Slim Series Top Load Water Cooler Black


The Brio 300 Slim Series Top Load Water Cooler comes in black, stainless steel and white.


7. Brio curved water coolers

  • Stylish and modern design that enhances the aesthetics of your home office or workspace.
  • Provides both form and function, ensuring that your water cooler is a centerpiece rather than an eyesore.


Brio 500 Series (Room/Cold) Curved Black Top Load Water Cooler


The Brio 500 Series Curved Top Load Water Cooler is available in hot/cold black, room temp/cold black, hot/cold white and room temp/cold white.  


8. Brio three- and five-gallon bottle compatibility


Brio Cooler water bottles


  • Designed to work with three-gallon water bottles, providing a convenient and manageable size for homes and offices with lower water consumption.
  • Accommodates five-gallon water bottles, perfect for environments with higher water consumption.
  • Fewer bottle changes, ensuring a constant supply of clean, refreshing water.

Browse Brio’s three- and five-gallon bottle compatibility top load water cooler dispenser range. 


Top loading water cooler: convenient, healthy and safe

By using refillable water bottles, Brio water coolers help reduce single-use plastic waste, promoting eco-conscious practices. As well as being super-sustainable, Brio top load water cooler dispensers also provide: 

  • No-contact dispensing: some of our top-loading coolers have an innovative open design, dispense paddles reduce contact with containers, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Access to hydration: essential for overall staff well-being.
  • Cost savings: over time, using a water cooler can be more cost-effective compared to purchasing single-use bottled water.
  • Customization: the dual hot/cold, dual cold/room temp, and tri-temp (hot, cold, and room temperature) options allow you to tailor your water cooler to your specific temperature needs and preferences.
  • Convenience: top load design means it’s easy to immediately see the status of your water.
  • Space efficiency: some models are available in countertop, slim line, and curved designs, making them ideal for office spaces with limited room. There are also floorstanding models for larger spaces.

Upgrade your office water supply with Brio's versatile top-load coolers, available in various temperature options and styles to meet your specific needs, ensure a steady supply of refreshing water and reduce plastic waste in your workplace.

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