Take Your Water Cooler Camping

Take Your Water Cooler Camping

By Sheila Anthony

It’s no surprise that after 2020 we’re all ready for a much desperately needed vacation adventure. But if you’re determined to head into the wild via camper, van, or RV this summer, you might want to bring your water (or at least some of it) with you.

Here’s why.

While potable water is generally pretty reliable at monitored campsites, if you plan on going off the grid, bringing your own fresh water supply helps you avoid potentially problematic water or possible clean-water scarcity exacerbated by current drought conditions in the western half of the United States and the impact of last year’s wildfires on surface water quality.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide for some of the best water-dispenser options for your road trip.

One of the easiest bottle options is a slimline beverage dispenser. This Brio model comes in an incredibly sturdy, BPA-free plastic design that’s portable and reusable. A dispensing spigot is included, and the rectangular, flat-bottom construction means the bottle is easy to stow on a road trip because it won’t roll around in the back of a car, van, or camper. It comes in 2-, 3-, and 5-gallon sizes and can be prefilled with filtered water. Just park it on the tailgate or camping table and enjoy fresh filtered water whichever neck of the woods you’re in.

A tough, portable water bottle with a Brio pump is another incredibly easy option. Brio’s convenient pump adjusts to bottles sized 2 to 6 gallons, is designed for 48- to 55-mm threaded caps and is quick and easy to attach. It’s great for easy filling of cups or cooking pans, and for refilling water bottles.

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling by RV (yes, there is a reason they’re called recreational vehicles), why not bring along a full water dispenser? The Brio 300 Series Countertop Cooler features a self-cleaning UV feature and superior 3-stage filtration for reliably pure water. This point-of-use model connects to your RV’s water tank supply and dispenses filtered hot and cold water on demand. That means after a long day of hiking, biking, or canoeing, there’s no waiting for tasty Thai noodles, piping hot coffee, or a cold, refreshing beverage.

A great tri-temp option is the 500 Series Countertop Top-Load Water Cooler. Just load a 3- or 5-gallon filtered water bottle on top and enjoy hot, cold, and room temperature water whenever you want. Both countertop dispensers come with a child safety feature that lets you lock the hot-water button to prevent accidental scalding, and both feature clean stainless-steel reservoirs that dispense great-tasting water that’s completely free of any plastic aftertaste. They’re also compact, freeing up plenty of precious space in your RV.

An under-sink filtration unit takes up even less space, especially the Brio Amphora RO Undersink Filtration System. It comes in a sleek, tankless design that removes 99.97% of contaminants, providing the purest water there is. And—bonus points—it also includes a 2.5-liter pitcher in a tough impact-resistant and BPA-free polymer. The pitcher features autofill technology, the genius of which is you’ll always have a full pitcher of pure, filtered water on hand.


Whether you’ll be exploring the back roads, or you intend to set up camp for a long stay in a national park, Brio has an array of reliable and affordable dispensing options for water. Check them out, then go have a blast on your vacation.


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