Sustainable Living: 3 Ways to Be More Green

Sustainable Living: 3 Ways to Be More Green

Global warming, plastic pollution, air pollution—news of our declining environment can be overwhelming and saddening. With such large-scale problems, it can feel as though there’s nothing you can do to make an impact. One person’s actions can seem minuscule in relation to the damage reported.

Your actions DO matter. Sustainable living is the solution and it starts with you.

If everyone made a few small changes to their lifestyle, we could change our environment for the better. At Brio, we’re committed to offering our customers technology and products that promote sustainable living.

Here are a few, simple ways we can be green together:

1. Reduce Plastic Waste

Oceans and landfills are filled with plastic thrown out after a single use. The Guardian reports, "Global plastic production is increasing, and is set to double over the next 10 to 15 years creating [more] plastic pollution, increased carbon emissions and deadly health impacts for people in the poorest nations."

Here’s a solution: Instead of relying on plastic water bottles for clean water, bring clean water into your home with a water filtration system. You’ll never need another plastic water bottle or be without drinking water.

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2. Reuse Your Water Containers

If you prefer to purchase filtered water from your local water or grocery store, reusing your water container can greatly reduce your plastic use. The average water container can be used over 100 times without needing to be replaced.

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3. Save Money!

Harvard Engineering and Utilities states that the average bottle of water is 3,000 percent more expensive per gallon than tap water. While tap water may pose its own issues, investing in water filtration technology is a viable solution to saving money. And, you can use the money saved to make other parts of your life more sustainable or donate it to a non-profit organization that's making the world a better place.

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