3 Brio Moderna 730 Series Water Dispensers

Introducing the Brio Moderna 730 Water Dispenser Series

By Sheila Anthony

The Brio Moderna 730 Series is an important evolution of our premium Moderna line. But instead of tinkering with the signature Moderna elegance, we opted for a practical advancement, incorporating logical design upgrades that improve ease and function.

Taller Dispense Height

 Expanded to 11.5 inches, the 730 dispense height offers ample clearance for tall sports bottles and glasses. In other words, no more awkward “bottle yoga” or hanging on to your container while filling up.

 2X Fast Dispense Technology

 Engineered with a larger solenoid valve, the 730 delivers a rapid flow, filling a 28-oz. sports bottle in less than 15 seconds.

24/7-Illuminated Buttons

Not only do the buttons illuminate in color when water is heating (red) or cooling (blue), but once they’ve achieved the selected temperature range, they change to white and remain gently illuminated. This “guided” illumination makes late-night dispensing so much easier with no need to throw on a glaring overhead light for a midnight refill.

Adjustable Hot and Cold

Only a green tea drinker? Cold-sensitive teeth? Each model in the Moderna 730 Series allows you to adapt it to your needs by offering three preset temperature ranges for both hot and cold.

An Elegant Presence

Each 730 maintains the Moderna DNA in its sleek profile, luxurious brushed stainless steel finish, and flush-set touch-sensitive interface. It offers an unobtrusive presence but also catches the eye.

The stylish exterior conceals a durable interior constructed with rugged, long-lasting components, including food-grade stainless steel reservoirs that maintain the taste and purity of your water.

Different Models for Different Lifestyles

Acknowledging that hydration needs vary from home to home and office to office, the Moderna 730 Series features coolers perfectly aligned to your space, budget, and filtration needs.

For spaces that lack access to a cold water line, the Moderna 730 Bottom-Load offers the perfect solution. Using a standard 3- or 5-gallon bottle, it can be placed practically anywhere, making it ideal for home offices, gyms, dorm rooms, apartments, RVs, ADUs, waiting rooms and, of course, kitchens.

It’s also easy to install. Just hook up a bottle, plug in the cooler, and you’re all set. And with no need to lift and flip a heavy bottle of water, the bottom-load design also makes it much easier for older adults and individuals with physical limitations to access fresh water.

Offering filtered water, the Moderna 730 3-Stage Cooler requires a cold water line, but this minor inconvenience frees you from paying for a monthly bottle delivery service or endless (and heavy) pallets of single-use bottles of filtered water. The “plumbing” required to install the 730 3-Stage is basically a wrench and a little elbow grease.

Once installed, the cooler produces filtered water right away. And because it connects directly to a water line, it also provides filtered water 24/7. The three stages of filtration – sediment, pre carbon, and carbon block – remove dirt, silt, chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and VOCs like toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, and more.

It doesn’t, however, remove total dissolved solids (TDS) like nitrates, calcium, arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals.

For that, look no further than the Moderna 730 4-Stage RO Cooler. Along with three stages of filtration, it also includes a reverse osmosis stage. This is the stage that blocks TDS, fluoride, nitrates, asbestos, heavy metals like lead, viruses, bacteria, and hundreds of other contaminants. The result is fresh, delicious water that’s been completely purified.

Like the 3-Stage Cooler, it requires access to a cold water line. And because the RO stage produces something called “brine,” the 4-Stage also needs a drain-line connection. This does require drilling into a pipe but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. 

The 4-Stage RO Cooler also has a TDS (total dissolved solids) function. When you tap the TDS button, you’ll see two numbers in succession. The first number represents the level (in parts per million) of TDS in pre-purified water. The second number represents the TDS level in post-purified water. You immediately know how much TDS has been removed from your purified water.


With the new 730 Series, you’ll find both bottled and bottleless water dispensers, each designed to make your life more effective, calm, and luxurious. And, of course, to deliver clean, delicious water whenever and wherever you want it.


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