How to Make Detox Water

How to Make Detox Water

By: Baylee Maust

Detox water is known to have a variety of health and immunity benefits. It is also super-simple to make! If getting your daily recommended water intake is difficult for you, this water might be easier and more fun to drink with the flavors of all your favorite fruits and vegetables in it!

Different fruits and veggies have different nutritional benefits, but no matter which you choose to include in your detox water, you will be getting a healthy and refreshing drink.

This detox water recipe is made from mint, lemon, and strawberries.

Strawberries and lemons have a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which help greatly in restoring health to hair, nails, and skin. Mint improves digestion and is thought to relieve stress.

Cut up all your fruit and mint leaves to desired size and add to the water. You can zest the lemon instead of slicing it to get rid of any bitter taste.

The longer you let your fruit steep in the water, the more flavorful and mineral-packed your detox water will become!

Another popular type of detox water is cucumber, lemon, and mint water. Cucumber is nutritious and fills you up quickly, which helps with weight loss. The cucumber’s nutrients combined with those in the lemon and mint will help boost digestion, reduce swelling, and ease inflammation. Cut your pieces into small, thick slices so that the ingredients retain their flavor and health benefits.

Once you have your desired amount of fruit and veggies, add them to your water to begin the infusion process. We recommend using filtered water. If you are using water with potential bacterial and viral contaminants, then adding fruit and veggies will be completely useless because your water is not very good quality. Our Brio water coolers filter out 99% of all contaminants found in regular tap water.

You will receive the maximum benefits from your detox water if your water quality is the cleanest it can be. And because our Brio water coolers dispense fresh, cold water, as well as hot and room temperature water, there's no need to spend hours waiting for your detox water to chill.

Throw some fruits and veggies into a GEO Sports Bottle so that you can stay hydrated while on the go. Or use the cooler’s room temperature dispensing feature if you want to refrigerate your detox water and let the fruit steep for a bit longer.

You can get creative and prepare an unlimited amount of fruit and vegetable combinations for your detox waters. Because detox water is just fruits, vegetables, and water, this beverage is easy to make and will always leave you feeling refreshed, full, and hydrated!

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