How to Load and Unload Your Bottom-Load Cooler       

How to Load and Unload Your Bottom-Load Cooler       

By: Baylee Maust

Our Brio bottom-load coolers combine modern, stainless steel style with a convenient design. Typical water coolers are top-loading, require you to pick up heavy, bulky water bottles, and risk messy spills. But with a Brio bottom-loading cooler, changing out your empty water bottles is a simple process. These quick steps will show you how to replace the bottle in your bottom-loading cooler so you can jump right back on your hydration game!


Step One: Open the cabinet door to your cooler and slide the empty bottle out.

Step Two: Pull the adapter from the empty bottle and let the probe drip any remaining water droplets back into the bottle.

Step Three: Once dripping has stopped, place the bottle adapter on the hanger on the inside of the door. Set the empty bottle aside.

Step Four: Bring your new bottle over and feed the bottle adapter tube into the water bottle. Ensure the tube hits the bottom of the bottle.

Step Five: If you have a 5-gallon bottle, place the bottle adapter over the neck of the water bottle and press it securely into place.

If you have a 3-gallon bottle, press down on the two tabs on top of the bottle adapter and slide the cap down the probe tubing to adjust the bottle adapter to fit.

Step Six: Slide the new water bottle back into the dispenser cabinet. You may need to wait five minutes for the water tanks to fill with water before attempting to use the dispenser.

Step Seven: Close the cabinet door. Happy hydrating!

Sustainability Tip: Recycle the empty bottle at your local exchange center to help cut down on plastic waste. Some recycling centers may even provide you with a new bottle at a discount!

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