How to Change Your 2-Stage Filter Set

How to Change Your 2-Stage Filter Set

By: Baylee Maust

Our Brio coolers come with a filter system to ensure that your drinking water is fresh and clean. These filters are very easy to install and need little maintenance. Our two-stage filter process cleans water through a sediment and a carbon/ultrafiltration process. The carbon filter reduces chlorine, taste and odor, lead, and cysts. The sediment filter performs a coarse filtration of the original water. It will remove mud, sand, iron, rust, and suspensions, and impurities.

Although the process to change your Brio filters differs slightly from model to model, the process is generally the same. This is how to replace a two-stage filter on the Brio 600 Series UV Self-Cleaning Cooler.

Start by opening the cabinet door. On this model, the door is located on the right side of the cooler, but it may vary depending on which cooler you have.

Remove each filter by gently twisting counterclockwise. Dispose of your old filters in the trash.

After disposal, twist each new filter clockwise into the filter housings located inside the dispenser cabinet. The sediment filter goes on the left, the carbon/ultrafiltration filter is placed on the right.

Securely close the cabinet door so the filters can begin providing you with fresh, filtered water.

When a filter is approaching the end of its life, the red indicator light on the cooler starts to blink. When the filter has reached the end of its life, the indicator light remains red. Our Brio filters need to be replaced every six months to ensure that the water cooler is providing you with clean and safe drinking water.

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Happy hydrating!

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