How To Change The Filters On Your Brio Bottleless Water Cooler

Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Brio Water Filters

Now you’ve installed a Brio bottleless cooler, you’re used to pure, clean and fresh water on demand. It’s easy to use. You never have to refill it. And you can drink with confidence, knowing your water’s free from harmful, potentially dangerous contaminants. 


A Brio bottleless cooler


But spare a thought for the hard-working filters. We’ve created powerful filters that remove most harmful contaminants and impurities. They are incredibly efficient at removing impurities and pollutants before they find their way into your drinking water. But to keep your water supply fresh, they need to be replaced regularly.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: changing the filters on your bottleless cooler is easier than you think. And we’re here every step of the way. Here’s everything you need to know about replacing your Brio water filters so you can continue to access clean, purified water for years to come.


How often should water filters be replaced?

We recommend replacing your filters every six to 12 months, but it depends on your water habits. Is your cooler in a bustling office? Six months it is. If it’s a home affair for one or two people, stretch it to 12.


Colleagues drinking from cups in an office 


Should you always follow Brio guidelines for replacing filters?

Brio offers general guidelines as to how often filters should be replaced. The emphasis here is on the word “general.” How often you should change your filters has a lot to do with the quality of your source water and how often you and your family dispense filtered water.

Most Americans who live in urban and suburban areas get their water from municipal water systems, which are typically well maintained.

People who live in rural areas tend to use private wells for their water source. Upkeep and cleanliness of private wells are the responsibility of the well’s owner.


What happens if I don’t change my water filter?

Not changing your water filter can prevent it from functioning at optimum capacity. Either the polypropylene, activated carbon, or semipermeable membrane (or all three) have reached or are reaching their maximum saturation levels.

When that happens, the entire filtration system becomes less efficient and must work harder. The dispensing will slow down, water pressure will decrease and energy bills will go up. 


A couple looking over their energy bills 

Even worse, your system will be unable to completely remove pollutants, which will wind up in your water.


How to tell if you need to change your filters

Keeping track of the lifespan of your water filters can be troublesome without obvious signs that your cooler needs maintenance. However, on some of our water coolers, we’ve developed technology to track the lifespan of your filters for you.


To avoid a guessing game when it comes to filter replacement, Brio offers both coolers and filtration systems that conveniently alert you as to when your filters need to be replaced. 

The filter replacement indicator light makes it very easy to know when your cooler requires filter replacements. Located on the display panel of select coolers, such as the Brio Moderna Tri-temp 3-Stage Point-of-Use Water Cooler w/ UV Self-Cleaning, the light comes on towards the end of the cartridge lifespan. 


A Brio cooler from above showing placement of the filter replacement indicator light



Brio water filters: subscribe and save

Another sign your filters need to be replaced is new filters showing up at your door! You can save both money and time with Brio’s replacement water filter subscription service

Replacing your water filters keeps your dispenser functioning at its best and ensures the water you’re drinking is of the highest quality. With a Brio subscription, you can save 20% on all replacement filters and guarantee receiving them every three, six or nine months. So you don’t have to worry about remembering how long your filters have been in use! 


A woman receiving a delivery at her front door

Simply search for the appropriate filter for your cooler and hit  'subscribe'. You can modify or cancel your subscription anytime – you’re in control. Peace of mind and clean, pure water on tap. 


How to change your Brio water filters

Brio offers user-friendly filter replacement systems with quick-connecting, twist-on cartridges that allow for quick removal and installation of your cooler’s water filters. Although the process to change your Brio filters differs slightly from model to model, the process is generally the same. 

After you order and receive the appropriate filter set for your model, it should take fewer than 10 minutes to replace the old set with the new one. For a more thorough step-by-step guide for your specific model, please read through the user manual found on each product listing page.


How to change water filters on your bottleless water cooler


Brio replacement water filters


Step 1: Shut off your home’s water supply

Before removing any components from the bottleless water cooler, locate your home’s water supply and turn it off. It’s usually a knob you can twist under your sink. Turning off the water source ensures a seamless and mess-free filter replacement process. And no tools are needed!


Step 2: Open the cabinet door of your cooler 

This may vary depending on which one you have.


Step 3: Remove the filters from your bottleless cooler

Gently but firmly turn the used filters counter-clockwise to remove the cartridges from the water dispenser. Perform this action for every filter cartridge on your Brio Water Dispenser.


Step 4: Dispose of your old filters

Once you’ve removed them from your bottleless cooler, discard your old filters in the garbage. 


Step 5: Flush your filters

You’ll then need to run water through your filters to remove any surplus carbon particles. If you don't, you may see small black particles in your cold water tank or water. They aren't harmful, but it's easy to prevent them. Please note that our reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes should not be flushed.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to flushing your filters:

  • Detach the shut-off valve tube from the cooler (this is why it's important to shut off the water supply to the cooler). 
  • Now attach one of the new filters to the filter housing by twisting it in clockwise. 
  • Connect the free tip of the shut-off valve tube to the left side of the housing. 
  • Connect one end of the flushing tube to the other side. 
  • Make sure the free end of the flushing tube is routed into a sink or bucket. 
  • Now turn on the water. 
  • Flush water through the filter for about five minutes. If you're flushing a carbon filter, flush it until the water runs clear. 
  • Don't forget to turn off water before removing the tube from the flushing tube.
  • Reinsert shut-off valve tube into the cooler.
  • That’s it! 


Step 6: Install your new filters

To install your replacement filters, starting with Stage 1 and working towards Stage 4 in order, twist the cartridge clockwise until it's secure.


Step 7: Restore the water supply

You may need to wipe up any remaining water from drips that occurred during the removal and installation process. When all the replacement filters have been securely installed, turn on the water.

Whether you’ve opted for a 2-stage cooler or 4-stage reverse osmosis dispenser, the steps dance to the same beat. Here’s to hassle-free filter changes, keeping your hydration game strong, your water pure, and your cooler forever in its prime.

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Very frustrating the manual wasn’t updated for owners of a RO filter system. I spilled about a liter of water trying to attach the housing (RO is under pressure to push out bad water), it should have a different style housing to prevent owners of attempting this. Has anyone else gotten F6 error code with beeping?

– Kevin Doepker

since we changed the 4 filters the unit has not wanted to work. the equipment emits a sound and does absolutely nothing else. We proceeded to clean the water reservoir and drain the system, but when it was reconnected it did not work.

– carlos vera

Hi Carlos,
Sorry you’re having trouble. Please reach out to our customer service team at (844) 257-4103. They’ll be happy to assist you!

– Brio Coolers

Hello! I’m confused too! Manual says FLUSH 3 filters while replacing, here says you don’t need to but later says again you MUST… Please clarify!! Do I need to do this cumbersome process or not? Thanks in advance.

– Erick Newman

I change 4 stage old filter for 4 news ones, but the to lights still blank why? Maybe I missed some steps. Please can you sent to me a video instructions how can I change that filter? Thanks

– Hi Clarisa

I flushed and replaced my filters. Why does the 2 green lights continue to flash?

– Tim Smith

Hi Beth, you are correct, you do NOT need to flush your RO filters. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

– Brio Coolers

We can’t seem to flush the RO MEMBRANE filter because the connection doesn’t fit the filter housing. Nowhere does it say this filter doesn’t need to be flushed, everywhere it says flush all filters. What the heck!?!

– Beth Thompson

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