How to Access Unlimited Drinking Water During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Access Unlimited Drinking Water During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, people are buying bottled water in surplus, leaving grocery aisles empty and creating a mass hysteria around water. The reality of the situation is that the county water supply is not predicted to become scarce or contaminated with COVID-19.

So, what is Coronavirus and how does it spread? Although some may never show symptoms, the novel virus attacks the respiratory system and targets those with vulnerable and compromised immune system. The coronavirus spreads primarily through respiratory droplets (when in close proximity with an infected individual who sneezes or coughs without taking protective measures of wearing a mask) or person-to-person contact. Again, the coronavirus is not transmitted through our water supply. However, with many quarantined at home, the need for fresh water remains.

Brio Coolers has the solution: In-home water coolers with built-in water filtration systems. There are endless benefits of having an at-home water filtration system that go far beyond premium hydration. The vast line of Brio Water products ensures that there is a perfect system for your home, no matter how big or small your kitchen is.

As people stay in their homes as the coronavirus pandemic continues, Brio Water offers products that filter your daily water to ensure that a variety of contaminants are removed from drinking water. Instead of purchasing a single-use water bottle, invest in a simple yet powerful water filter that easily fits in your home that offers endless access to fresh and filtered drinking water.

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The Brio Tri-Temp Countertop POU Cooler offers powerful 2-step water purifier with a sediment and carbon filter, which removes rust, chlorine and chemicals commonly found in tap water. Fortunately, the countertop cooler is entirely user-friendly and features a hassle free set-up and quick-connecting filters. The compact unit connects to a reliable and consistent water line and stores the filtered water in stainless steel reservoirs. The reservoirs allow you to access hot water, room temperature water, and cold water at the touch of a button, while also protecting the clean water until it is dispensed. Maintenance of this powerful water dispenser is designed with you in mind, the ultraviolet self-cleaning feature offers an easy method to ensure that your water source always remains in sanitary conditions. With all these convenient features at your fingertips, while remaining entirely compact, staying hydrated during these uncertain times have become that much easier.

Along with the endless savings by investing in an in-home clean water conservation, which would save about $3,000 a year for a family of four, the decision to upgrade to a more sustainable source of drinking water greatly impacts the environment. The reduction of single use water bottles in your daily life can do wonders for the environment as well as positively impact your wallet. By choosing to have a sustainable source of drinking water at home, this reliable method for water filtration at home eliminates the need for single use bottle water, which ultimately positively impacts the environment. With the need to constantly purchase plastic water bottles eliminated, your wallet will be positively impacted with the savings. Cut out the hassle of purchasing and disposing single use plastic bottles from your life and simplify it with a Brio water system.

Quarantine: Working from home and Drinking Water

Besides the added benefits to your wallet and the environment, quality hydration is vital in maintaining optimal health and is critical when experiencing coronavirus symptoms (ex. fever, coughing, etc.). Proper hydration is at the core of health and recovery; it is necessary to flush out toxins and to regulate bodily functions. To best support your immune system a well-balanced lifestyle is necessary, proper nutrition, sleep, rest and hydration are critical. In order for the body/organs to function properly or to recover from any illness consumption of clean water is absolutely necessary, and what better way than to have a sustainable source of clean water at home. Brio Water offers premium hydration that offers options that go beyond regular hydration and can be tailored to your needs.

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There are endless ways to amplify the benefits of water that will boost your health and your body’s ability to absorb water. Spa water is one luxurious method to ensure that you are satisfying your thirst while replenishing dehydrated cells. Water that has been infused with common pantry and refrigerated goods are the simplest way to give water subtle flavor and added nutritional value. A water pitcher is ideal to create delicious and refreshing infused water that will always be on hand. Infused creations, such as cucumber water or hibiscus water, offer tasty ways to effortlessly rehydrate while reaping the benefits of the enriched water. The simplicity of letting water become enriched with cucumber and mint leaves or hibiscus petals can greatly impact health with antioxidants while replenishing your body with much needed quality hydration. Water filtered with Brio Point of Use Systems provide a base of clean water to begin your unique hydration journey.

Brio Water provides convenient solutions for any and all needs, especially during these trying times. The wide array of filtration systems and coolers can provide reliable and consistent access to clean drinking water, reducing the impact on the environment and on your wallet. Aside from the added benefits to the ecosystem and finances, your health will be given a boost with the consistent filtered water. Water filtration at home offers peace of mind through reliable filtration and reduces the need to leave your home, making these unprecedented times a bit more bearable.

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