Best Ways to Keep Your Plants Healthy

Best Ways to Keep Your Plants Healthy

By: Baylee Maust

We can all agree there’s a noticeable taste and look between filtered water and tap. Most tap water sources contain an array of additives such as chlorine, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals. These substances can impact the color, odor, and taste of your tap water, leaving it undesirable for consumption.

If tap water receives a “no thank you” from us, should we pass on feeding it to our precious house plants? Our vote is yes. Due to its high chemical content, unfiltered tap water can be unhealthy drinking water for us, and its effects can be fatal for our green friends.

The most common contaminant found in tap water is chlorine. Chlorine is used in tap water to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. In small doses, chlorine is okay for humans to consume, but it can leave an unsatisfactory taste and smell compared to fresh, filtered water. When used to water houseplants, chlorine can stunt the growth of your plant’s leaves and make them more likely to develop a yellow coloring. Too much chlorine from tap water can make their leaves fall off and decline in overall appearance and health.

Another common killer of house plants are minerals found in “hard water”. Hard water contains excessive amounts of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. You can spot hard water by looking to see water spots left on dishes after running the dishwasher or feeling like there’s a coarse residue after washing your hands. Watering houseplants with hard water can produce calcium buildup on plant leaves. If you’ve ever noticed thin, white crust within the soil or on the leaves of your pretty foliage, this might be a result of too much hard water.

We recommend clean, filtered tap water for all your plants. A Brio Cooler is a helpful tool that serves as a convenient reminder to hydrate your family and your plants! Use the room temperature setting to ensure the soil is evenly moistened and absorbed.

The Brio 500 Series Countertop Cooler has a water filtration system that cleanses water with two thorough water filter stages and comes with three advanced temperature options: cold, hot, and room temp to satisfy the humans and the greenery! So before you rush to the garden hose, remember your water cooler is the perfect source for all of your household needs.

Recommended Product: 500 Series Countertop Cooler

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