5 Ways A Home Water Cooler Can Ease Holiday Stress  

5 Ways A Home Water Cooler Can Ease Holiday Stress  

By: Baylee Maust

As the holidays quickly approach, preparing to have friends and family over to celebrate can get stressful. If you're always hosting, you're likely looking for ways to make the holiday season organized, inexpensive, and fun!

To your surprise, a water cooler could make the perfect house guest to your holiday gatherings this year. Buying plastic bottled waters for your friends and family becomes costly and wasteful over time. It can also be tedious and time-consuming to fill up your gallon water pitcher multiple times every day. A water cooler is a perfect solution to provide unlimited, safe drinking water to everyone in your household this holiday season.

  1. Prepares Instant Meals

Delicious meals are always plentiful during the holidays. However, our enjoyment of festive delicacies can get squandered the more crowded our kitchen becomes. Cooking breakfast on Christmas morning while Grandma, Grandpa, and all of your cousins are hanging in the kitchen can be quite stressful.

Thankfully, your water cooler can act as the perfect crowd controller in your kitchen. Utilize the cold and hot water spigots on most Brio coolers to make easy winter treats like hot oatmeal, peppermint tea, and delicious hot chocolate to heat up by the fire. If you're concerned about space, Brio Countertop Coolers are compact, yet supply copious amounts of refreshing water. The cooler reservoir dispenses three temperatures: cold, hot, and room temperature water so you can create a variety of beverages. This petite cooler will fit great in your kitchen so you can utilize your counter space to prep the perfect holiday dinner.

Recommended Product: 600 Series 2-stage UV Self-Cleaning Countertop Water Cooler

  1. Benefits Your Health

We’re all familiar with the annoying winter cold that inevitably comes around during the holidays. Being sick with uncomfortable symptoms is unfortunate enough but missing out on fun activities while you’re recovering is an even bigger bummer. As the warm weather dissipates, it becomes harder to drink the recommended amount of water each day. Staying hydrated is vital to keep your body healthy so that you don’t succumb to the dreadful winter cold this holiday season.

Your new water cooler can serve as a great reminder to get you to drink water more often. Having unlimited access to fresh, filtered water will instill new, healthy habits for you this winter. Simply fill up your reusable water bottle before you head out for holiday shopping or hydrate with some homemade teas while watching a festive film. Drinking water strengthens your immune system, supplies moisture for dry skin caused by cold weather cold, and boosts your energy levels to prepare you for all those holiday gatherings.

  1. Saves Money

The holidays aren’t exactly known for being kind to your wallet. Gifts for your family and secret Santa exchanges can add up quickly. Additionally, supplies for holiday parties such as décor, groceries, and drinks can get costly. While it can be tempting to buy a big, bulk pack of plastic, single-use water bottles, a water dispenser will save you an immense amount of money, time, and hassle.

Brio Bottleless coolers are connected to a water line to deliver free-flowing, unlimited water without heavy water jugs that need routine replacing. Provide limitless water to all your guests as often as they desire. Impress your friends and family with premium, quality water that tastes great and is free of major contaminants.

Recommended Product: 500 Series 2-stage UV Self-Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler

  1. Plant Use

Humans aren’t the only ones who need fresh, filtered water. Your water cooler can serve an abundance of purposes around your home. Your beautiful, festive holiday foliage can benefit greatly from filtered water.

Watering your evergreens and bright red poinsettias with tap water can tremendously impact their appearance. Tap water is filled with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, which can be toxic to plants in high dosages. Safer water for your plants means stronger leaves, brighter aromas, and a longer lifespan so they will look stunning displayed in your home throughout the entire holiday season.

  1. Improves Home-Cooked Meals

Cooking delicious home-cooked meals is an important tradition for many families during the holidays. Many people think that the harmful contaminants found in tap water will be eliminated once boiled, frozen, or cooked thoroughly with the food they eat. However, this isn’t always the case.

Tap water is filled with harmful bacteria and viruses that can exist beyond the boiling point. Unfiltered water usually contains a lot of dust, sediment, and chemicals that aren’t healthy for consumption.

A water dispenser will always provide fresh, filtered water that is free of most harmful contaminants. The Brio Reverse Osmosis cooler contains a four-stage filtration process that removes the vast majority of harmful contaminants in tap water.

Recommended Product: 400 Series Bottleless Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler

Spending the holidays with family can be loads of fun, but party-planning, decorating, and hosting guests can get very taxing. When the winter months bring cooler weather, drinking enough water can be easily overlooked.

Proper hydration is crucial, and when you throw this year’s holiday bash, you’ll want to supply water that is safe for your friends and family to enjoy. A Brio Water Cooler is a great investment that will greatly reduce stress, save money, and instill healthy habits so you can relish in the holiday spirit, stress-free!

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