Safe Winter Activities for Families   

Safe Winter Activities for Families   

By: Baylee Maust

Between winter weather and quarantining, cabin fever is bound to get the best of us. However, there are some Covid-friendly winter activities you can still enjoy! So beat the boredom and grab your coat for outdoor fun that will keep you busy all winter long.

Grab your hot cocoa, your ice skates, and a winter coat because these family-friendly activities will keep you busy all winter break!

  1. Show off Your Skating Skills

While we can’t swim under the sun this time of year, you can still visit the lake in a different way this winter. Ice skating is the perfect winter activity to get some exercise while enjoying something festive.

You don't need a lake to partake in this winter fun! Many places have an ice rink open for you to get out there and shred some ice. Don't forget to pack your skates and reusable water bottle for this winter workout! We recommend a GEO Sports bottle, which will keep refreshing water cold for 24 hours, or a warm tea hot for up to 6 hours!

2. Take a Winter Hike

With the days growing colder and shorter, it can be difficult to escape the stuffy indoors. Take advantage of the chilly weather and enjoy a winter stroll outdoors. Beautiful snowfall and changes in leaves will provide you with a whole new perspective of your neighborhood.

You can hunt for leaves and berries to make a homemade wreath out of or try to spot some wildlife! Also, if you get tired on this merry adventure, take a break by building a snowman!

3. Shred the Slopes with Sledding

Climb to the top of the highest hill you can find and grab your sled because this activity is the perfect winter adventure! Bring out your inner adrenaline junkie side by hitting the slopes with the family and challenge them to see who can go the fastest!

The best part is, you don't need a fancy sled or tube to go sledding. Before you head out into the cold, take some time to make a DIY sled! Create some friendly competition between you and your family to see who can make the best ride using household items. (Shh… here are a few tips for a head start: cooking trays, plastic tote lids, and cardboard boxes are great finds!

4. Take Down Your Family in a Snowball Fight

When staying indoors has given you the winter blues but you can’t go out to enjoy your typical winter activities, challenge your family to a classic snowball fight.

Snowball fights double as exercise and fun! Get some sun and increase your body temperature while spending some old fashioned quality time with the family. When your cheeks are rosy and your fingertips go numb, head back inside for a big cup of hot cocoa! Winner gets extra marshmallows!

Pro Tip: Use a Brio Cooler for instant cocoa! Hot water dispensing allows you to sip on festive drinks in seconds, so you can spend more time warming up by the fire with loved ones.

Recommended Product: 400 Series Bottom Load Cooler

5. Get in Some Winter Cardio

If the snowball fight still hasn’t helped you defrost, check out this fitness craze from Sweden.

During a Swedish winter, temperatures can reach -30 degrees. However, you can still find locals “plogging” in the snow! Made from the combination of two words, “plocka,” meaning, “to pick,” and “jogging”, this exercise involves picking up trash you find out on your run!

Before you give it a try, be sure to grab a light jacket, traction running shoes, gloves, and a trash bag. While out on your route, pause to pick up trash pieces and collect them in your trash bag. Experts report that plogging may be more effective than jogging because you are incorporating squats and bending over throughout the workout. Break a sweat and help the planet one step at a time!

For more simple ways to become more sustainable read here.

Staying active during the winter months can be difficult when our physical and mental energy is low. But you don’t need an elaborate winter vacation or ski trip to make the best of family fun this season. There are plenty of ways to still have a winter wonderland right in your own backyard with these socially distant activities!

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