4 Unexpected Ways Filtered, Room Temperature Water Improved My Life at Home

4 Unexpected Ways Filtered, Room Temperature Water Improved My Life at Home

There are two kinds of people in this world: People that love ice-cold H2O and those that prefer the subtle feel of room temperature water. If you're a part of the first group, chances are you've written off the need for filtered room temperature water. Hot and cold water are all you need. At least, that's how I felt one month before writing this post.

After being home during quarantine and using my new tri-temp dispenser, I realized that I, an avid tea drinker and cold water drinker, used the room temperature setting the most, surprisingly. Now, I admit that I would probably use more cold water if I actually drank enough water in a day, but hey, no one's perfect.

Room temperature water has always been essential to my life at home. However, I never thought about it until I stopped using water from the sink and stuck to water from my cooler. It wasn't until I had a bottleless cooler that I became obsessed with the comforting feeling of filtered water. And, I came to the conclusion that I would use this water for EVERYTHING.

In the end, everything in my home benefited from my obsession.

Here are all the ways I used room temperature, filtered water in my home:

1. To water my plants

I don't have a green thumb. I never have. But, plants bring serenity and beauty into my home, so I try my hardest to keep them alive. With research, I realized that the amount of fluoride and chlorine in tap water is OK for humans, but not ideal for plants. According to experts, filtered or reverse osmosis water at room temperature is best for your greenery. Since using my cooler to water my plants, they appear to be doing better!

2. For my pets

If filtered water is better for me, it must be better for them too, right? As the weather warms up, my dogs are drinking more water and I feel much better filling their water bowls with clean water to ensure they're staying hydrated.

3. To fill my diffuser and humidifier

I use a diffuser to keep my home smelling nice and a humidifier to ease my allergy symptoms. I noticed that prior to using filtered water, I would have to clean a white film (calcium buildup) from the bottom of these products. While it may not be harmful, switching to filtered water has prevented that build-up, so I don't have to clean them as often. Plus, since I prefer to drink filtered water, I also prefer to breathe filtered water.

4. For cooking

I use my filtered water to wash fruits and vegetables and meet any other cooking needs. I think of like this: I go out of my way to buy organic foods. So, I should make the extra step of ensuring that the water I use to cook them is contaminant-free, as well.

When I bought my water cooler, I didn't think it would benefit every living thing in my home. I was actually a pretty selfish purchase, to be honest. And, since I drink cold water and tea, I thought the tri-temp feature wouldn't be a huge deal. To my surprise, I was way off. Room temperature, filter water is essential.

Written by a Brio team member

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