3 Reasons Ceramic Crocks Are Waaay Ahead of Their Time

3 Reasons Ceramic Crocks Are Waaay Ahead of Their Time

Ceramic crocks? You mean those things from the 1990s that you put on a stand then propped a big water bottle on top? Yep, those things. But they’re more than nostalgic throwback-Thursday kitsch. Here’s why…

Low tech? Try No Tech

Ceramic crocks are basically just like ancient water jars, only they’ve been fancied up with a convenient spigot and prettier packaging. They don’t need an electrical supply to work. Setup is minimal. Attach the spigot, fill up the crock, and start dispensing.


Throwing a get-together? Forget the pricey bartending service or BYOB. Instead, premix drinks and beverages, then fill up some ceramic crocks and let guests serve themselves. In fact, crocks are a great way to help identify the beverage they’re dispensing. A green crock might hold margaritas...

Matte light green ceramic crock


And a tropical fruit-themed crock could dispense nonalcoholic fruit punch:

White ceramic crock decorated with tropical fruit

Speaking of color coordination, crocks are a great way to play up the theme of your occasion. Hosting a reveal party or baby shower? Serve up your beverage in a pink crock or a blue crock. Wedding shower or reception? Try one that’s all-white or one that’s detailed with a pretty flower bouquet.

White ceramic crock with embossed pink roses

Halloween? Orange and black crocks nestle perfectly between the jack-'o-lanterns. Or how about an apple-detailed one if you’re serving cider?

Backyard luau? Palm trees and dolphins are a fun crock mix.

White ceramic crock with three palm treesWhite ceramic crock with blue dolphins

Fourth of July, Memorial Day, birthdays, or anniversaries—you can get incredibly creative with crocks.

A great thing about Brio crocks is that each comes with a no-drip spigot. Ever try to ladle punch from a bowl into a cup or glass? We feel your pain.

And we only offer food-grade crocks that are lead- and cadmium-free. Each includes either a stainless steel or BPA-free polymer spigot, a matching lid, and a wooden stand. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe for extra-easy clean up. 

Reusing, Repurposing, Recycling, Oh My!

Crocks were part of the circular economy before anyone even thought of the term “circular economy.” They were reusable and recyclable before those buzz words were in the zeitgeist. They can even be repurposed. Chipped beyond use? Not a problem. You can turn them into flowerpots or candy bowls. Shattered to bits after your children decided to play indoor hockey? Sounds like a great mosaic art project for a rainy day.

Brio crocks are also perfect for dispensing water. On top of all the aforementioned, they can hold 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-gallon water bottles and include a tough BPA-free polymer ring that protects the rim from damage. And because you don’t have to plug them in, they can be used anywhere.

Here’s a tip: filling your crock with filtered water ensures that only clean water is dispensed. The Brio Amphora RO Undersink Filtration System provides RO-filtered water—the purest water there is. This convenient under-sink filtration system includes a stainless steel faucet smart faucet that monitors total dissolved solids and filter life. The faucet also makes it incredibly easy to fill your crock.

So, before friends tease you about your fondness for the 1990s, remind them you’re not into vintage, you’re into practical and eco-friendly.

Go ahead. Rock your crock.

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