3 Best Water Coolers for Your Office    

3 Best Water Coolers for Your Office    

By: Baylee Maust

If bottled water is crowding the communal fridge and the bottled water delivery service is becoming too costly, then it may be time to invest in a water dispenser for your office. We know that every office is unique when it comes to daily operations, staff, and even the breakroom! Brio provides an array of advanced coolers that are ideal for the biggest corporate office, to small home businesses.

Best for Medium-Sized Offices

A medium-sized office doesn’t need an expensive bottled water delivery service, but you still want to provide your employees with an ample amount of clean drinking water.

Track workplace hydration with the Brio top-load bottled water cooler. This water dispenser allows you to utilize your choice of 3 or 5-gallon bottles for your unique office needs. The non-spill top and removable drip tray make maintenance effortless and hassle-free. While you enjoy the classic look of your bottled water dispenser, you can also indulge in advanced features that exceed alternative top-loading units. This cooler dispenses cold, hot, and room temperature water so your office can create an array of beverages with the simple press of a button.

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Best for Home Offices

As working from home becomes the new norm, transforming your living space into your workspace is vital to stay productive. It’s easy to replace your desk and computer, but not everyone thinks about incorporating a water dispenser into your new home office. Regular trips to the water dispenser at a traditional office would provide you with a break away from your desk and of course, some refreshing H2O to get those brain cells pumping again. Read more about how hydrating can make you more productive here. (Link to another Feb blog)

Create your very own hydration station without sacrificing additional space! The Brio bottleless countertop cooler fits into any space and delivers tons of features. From room temperature, hot, and cold water options, this cooler can easily supply you with instant hot water for morning coffee and chilled water all day long. This tiny countertop water dispenser eliminates heavy bottles and serves you refreshing filtered water from workday to weekend!

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Best for Corporate Offices

If you’ve got a large office and many employees, you know all about the importance of keeping a large office stocked up on healthy snacks and lots of water. The communal breakroom fridge definitely wouldn’t sufficiently stock everyone’s personal water bottles, so invest in a water cooler that supplies ample hydration and requires little maintenance.

The Brio Moderna cooler packs advanced filtration and exceptionally clean water in a modern, stainless steel reservoir. This bottleless water cooler simply gets connected to a water line in your office and begins cleansing your current tap water with three powerful filters. Never worry about dirty substances entering the dispense tubes with revolutionary UV light cleaning. This cleaning solution automatically disinfects your unit periodically so your water remains pristine and your busy workdays remain uninterrupted.

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Your office space deserves clean drinking water. Brio creates water coolers with unique sizes, water temperatures, and advanced water filter technology. Find the ideal dispenser that is precisely tailored to fit your needs. A productive workday begins with an orderly space; a Brio water dispenser will help you achieve a healthy environment and mindset.

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