What Is a Bottleless Cooler?

What Is a Bottleless Cooler?

By: Baylee Maust

Imagine a cooler that operates without needing a bottle: that is essentially your answer! Bottleless coolers are simply water coolers that do not require heavy 3- or 5-gallon jugs that you see perched atop the typical office water cooler.

Rather than needing bulky plastic containers to supply water, bottleless coolers get connected to the cold-water line in your home, where they filter incoming water, then dispense it right into your cup. It’s just as easy as getting your water from the tap in your kitchen sink—without any of the harmful chemicals!

Connecting a bottleless cooler takes a little less than an hour and does not require a professional technician or mechanic. Simple drilling into your cold-water line may be required, but you’ll be sipping fresh filtered water the same day your new cooler arrives! Check out your manual for a detailed explanation on how to set up your new cooler.

Need more help? Check out installation tips here.

A bottleless cooler is a great option for those wanting to save in all areas of their lives. First, you’ll enjoy money savings because you’ll no longer need to buy bottles of water. Bottle coolers also require regular filling or bottle subscription services, which become just as costly and time-consuming as buying bottled water. A bottleless cooler lets you dispense again and again without ever running dry!

Second, you’ll save yourself the worry of wondering if your home’s tap water is safe to drink. All of Brio’s bottleless coolers come equipped with a variety of filtration stages designed to reduce major contaminants found in tap water. You and your entire family can drink worry-free knowing that your water will not contain rust, dust, dirt, chlorine, lead, or other harmful tap water substances. And on top of advanced filtration, you’ll also enjoy an array of elegant features such as the built-in night light on the Brio 500 Series 4-Stage Cooler, the self-cleaning technology on the Brio 300 Series 2-Stage Cooler, and the adjustable water temperature feature on the Brio Moderna.

Lastly, you’ll be pleased to know that your bottleless cooler will help save you from contributing to the chilling statistic of more than 60 million plastic bottles ending up in landfills each year. Also, plastic bottles are the world's largest source of plastic in the ocean. So, with your bottleless cooler, you’ll save that annoying trip to the grocery store for more water bottles and the earth will thank you at the same time!

A bottleless cooler goes above and beyond to create a hydration experience that is mindful of your wallet, time, and the well-being of the planet. Check out our entire collection and bring home your very own here.

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