How to Change Your 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter Set

How to Change Your 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter Set

By: Baylee Maust

Brio Reverse Osmosis filters feature a four-stage filtration process that removes most water contaminants. Reverse Osmosis filters water through a pressure system that pushes contaminated water through a membrane. While moving through the membrane, Reverse Osmosis is effective for reducing possible dirt, chemicals, and other major undesirable particles in the water.

The Reverse Osmosis filters are compatible with the Brio 400 Series Bottleless Cooler. The installation process is quick and simple, so that you have access to fresh water as soon as possible. Below you will find how to replace the four-stage Reverse Osmosis filters on a 400 Series Bottleless Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler.

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You will begin by turning off the feed water supply line valve to the Reverse Osmosis system. Unscrew the four vertical filter housings from the cap and remove the used filter cartridge. No tools are needed!

Empty out all four filters by unscrewing in a counterclockwise fashion. Dispose of your used filters in the trash.

Place each of your new filters in the correct order and filter housing, then carefully screw the filter housing back on to the cap of the machine, in a clockwise manner. You can start placing any of the four filters in first, but it might be easier to start from left to right or right to left motion.

The four-stage Reverse Osmosis filter is equipped to provide your household with the most powerfully clean and filtered water. Learn about which specific impurities your Reverse Osmosis system is eradicating for you here.

You may need to wipe up any remaining water from drips that occurred during the removal and installation process. Turn your water supply back on and you are ready to use your Reverse Osmosis system!

If you are looking for water with a high level of cleanliness, Reverse Osmosis is the best option. The four-stage Reverse Osmosis system will significantly reduce rust flakes, sand grains, dirt, large cysts, undesirable taste, odor, and color.

Our filter sets are sold individually, however, we also offer a subscription service where you can save money and time by receiving new filters every six months. To subscribe, find the appropriate filters for your cooler on our website and select 'Subscribe.' After you sign up, you will receive filters every six months and save 20% on all replacements.

Being that you should change your filters every six months anyway, this is a convenient solution to maintaining the clean, fresh quality of your water.

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