3 Kitchen Essentials for Holiday Entertaining 

3 Kitchen Essentials for Holiday Entertaining 

By: Baylee Maust

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may start to feel like you’re drowning in the pressure of hosting your friends and family. Last-minute grocery shopping, food preparation, and decorating can add stress to what should be a very cheerful season.

To dodge the winter blues, we’ve compiled a list of three helpful products to rescue your holiday spirit. Entertaining your friends and family should be a blast; having these revolutionary products will help you breeze through your holiday gatherings and leave you and your guests amazed!

  1. Kobi Air Fryer

Every year you sign up for the holiday potluck with no idea what to bring. You would love to show up with a home-cooked meal, side-dish, dessert, anything! Whether you lack the time or skill, we’ve got a solution for you.

Get the Kobi Air Fryer just in time for your next potluck. Quickly prepare any dish you can imagine with 85% less fat than traditional fried foods, allowing you to enjoy delicious meals without the unhealthy additives.

Eight unique settings cook, bake, and fry to your liking with just one push of a button. As if things couldn’t get easier, Kobi also provides a cookbook with 120 finger-licking recipes that your guests will love. That’s still not the best part! Toss the inner basket into the dishwasher at the end of the night and you’ve just mastered the art of stress-free, energy-efficient holiday hosting!

  1. Brio Bottleless Water Cooler

Main course? Check. Dessert? Check. Adequate hydration? Might’ve slipped your mind. Your personal water pitcher probably won’t cut it for holiday gatherings. But before you rush off to the store for a bulk pack of water bottles, let us offer you a more sustainable solution.

A new water cooler would easily tackle the responsibility of quenching the thirst of all your house guests. The 500 Series Bottleless Water Cooler offers clean drinking water right from the safety of your own home. No last-minute long lines, half-full water bottles laying around the house, or refilling your water pitcher every hour. A Brio Water Cooler offers a practical, long term solution that reduces stress and waste.

With an installation time less than 30 minutes, you can begin enjoying three temperature options, advanced two-stage filtration, and a self-cleaning feature for effortless maintenance. You should be able to trust in the water you supply to your friends and family this holiday season; a Brio Cooler is the perfect tool to achieve just that.

Read more about our powerful filters in this story here.

  1. Organize Porcelain Crock

Why settle for a boring plastic pitcher if you don’t have to? A brand new crock will look beautiful displayed amongst your holiday spread and last you for all your dinner parties and gatherings for years to come.

Grab this elegant porcelain water crock just in time for the holidays. Aside from complementing all of your holiday decorations, this water crock is exceptionally functional. Small and compact, this crock won’t intrude on counter space or leave thirsty guests behind, given its 5-gallon water storage. And when it’s time to clean up for the night, cross one thing off your list; toss this crock right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning!

The holidays should be filled with fun and festivity - for the host too! Skip the hectic holiday headache and make entertaining easier this year. Hurry soon, if you order before December 18th you can receive them just in time for your annual Christmas party.

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